29 Weeks Pregnant

So far so good, this week Tiana is in vacation bible school, so I have had a bit of a break as far as taking care of her is concerned!! My only issue has been my upper abdomen has been sore, almost like I got punched  up there, (I didn't LOL).  So i will bring it up to my Dr. next week at my apt.   I think its just the stretching of
muscles, but we'll see.  "I am not a Doctor" LOL. Baby is doing wonderfully, now we get to see little feet and elbows sticking out!! Thats been so wonderful, its really helped me bonding to the baby too! I have noticed alot of women are pregnant, and a lot are due around the same time as me! Everywhere I go I see at least 2 pregnant ladies, and usually if I have convo with them they are due anywhere from september -november!  I think its a baby boom!!  We had a dinner the other night & everyone was putting in their guess for what I am having!  It funny cause its really been 50/50 of what I have heard.  It has been quiet entertaining to listen to everyones reasons as to why I am having what I am having! I do look forward to sharing with my family & friends!  It will be fun to hear some of the reactions.
Here are some of the old wives tale reasons people have told me I aam havign what I am having
1) Your carrying high so its a girl
2) Your carrying more out front than around the waste so its a boy
3) You like orange juice so its a girl
4) The heart beat is slow so its a boy
5) You didn't have morning sickness so its a boy
6)Haven't lost your beauty so its a boy
7)I held a boy baby & it didn't cry so its a girl
8)And the lady at the ultrasound said....lol you'll just have to wait till Aug!!LOL
Anyhow, I am off to bed, its quite late & I have a very busy weekend ahead of me! I get to look forward to 2 hours on a noisy non air conditioned bus with 50 people saturday! As we travel to Wasaga beach for a church picnic! That should be interesting! I was on a bus today with no Air COnditioning! OH my gosh I was so uncomfortable! So I pray its cool on saturday! 
Wishful Thinking!


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