30 Weeks Pregnant

10 More Weeks Left! Yay!! I am trying not to do too much counting down, but I can't help it!! I can't wait to see my little bundle of joy!  This week nothing eventful really happened, other than I have video footage of the baby moving! So that's exciting!!  I was going to post it, but it wouldn't work! Sorry! :(
This week I found I have been hungrier than usual! I ate a whopper today! Mmmmhh! Oh and that picnic I was praying about being cool, it really was that day! I was so happy. It kinda got rained out though, but I didn't mind, at least it wasn't sweltering on the bus! Actually some people were kinda cold!  But it was perfect for me!!This week I went to the Dr, for my routine check up and took my gestational diabetes test! My Doc made me laugh< i asked him "How he was" and he's like "Not Pregnant"  I told him he was lucky and he's like "believe me  i know that more than most men!"  Also I was complaining about weight gain, cause i am gaining weight but i can't see it! And he's like "Well, uh did your stomach always look like that?" LOL Other than that my week was busy with routine stuff, church, follow up & house work! I am excited for the Month of August because I am going to start purchasing baby things!! And setting up the nursery!  That will be so much fun!! I remember with Tiana I painted her room green at 7 1/2 month pregnant!  it was hilarious, I also assembled her crib all by myself-and moved the furniture around in her room! I remember I had a stage where i needed everything to be just so!!  I haven't gotten like that yet in this pregnancy, but i have a feeling I am getting there! Its called the "Nesting Phase", i was just informed of it by my Pastor! I thought it was neat he knew about that kinda thing!  Well that's all for this week, oh i also went to check out my stomach pain Sunday night in the labor & delivery unit, they said its not baby related, probably just because all my  muscles are stretching and insides are being squished in to one area!  I got to listen to my babies heart beat for one hour, it almost put me to sleep! What a wonderful sound!!


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