26 Weeks Pregnant!

Well my visit to Dr. Gurland went well!! He turned out to be so nice!! It was nice seeing him again after 6 years, he even seemed happy to see my daughter Tiana, who he delivered when she was born!
This week I am starting to feel more "big".  I have to rest more & take it easy when I walk.  For those who know me I am a super fast walker and that I have even had to tone down a bit!!  Actually a lot last night!!
We went to see fire works for Canada Day!  I was so uncomfortable by the end of the evening!!
As far as baby is concerned! Fetal Movement has been intense!!  We have our selves quite the little kicker! 
Sleeping has become increasingly difficult!! It depressing that my good sleep has been thrown out the window for at least the next 10 months to a year!  I have been praying though for a miracle baby that sleeps through the night from the get go!!  Pray with me please! LOL


  1. Love your blog!! And you look too cute pregnant...As for guess??? I'm thinking girl :)


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