38 Weeks Pregnant

So this week the nursery and everythign is officially finished!!  If the baby came now i would be completly prepared! Well... at least prepared to take care of her, not prepared for labor,.  This whole time I have been playing it cool, and haven't had much worry about labor.  I figured i got through it once i certainly can do it again!  Well I just realized tonight I am crazy for thinking this way! Although the statement is true, i find myself very concerened about labor all of a sudden?  Will I be able to handle it?  What if I am not as strong as i was 6 years ago??  All these crazy thoughts came flooding in at about 12:00 am, and now i can't sleep! So i thought i would vent via blog!!  It also hit me that this time next month i will already have my baby, even if i go over due!  Thats exciting! I feel pretty prepared for the sleepless nights, seems like I am already experiencing them.  I do remember when i had tiana by the 3rd night i was so exhausted, well actually i felt so tired all the time.  I would look forward to the weekends when her grandma would watch her for 5 hrs or so!!This week at the dr everything went well.  My fundus(top of uterus to bottom) is measuring small & the dr said i don't look huge like i thought i was!  That was encouraging, i also only gained 1 pound-cause the last time i gained 2 pounds extra for the week, and i had already gained a bit extra throughout earlier weeks.  I have been doing lots of walking though, so i am pretty sure thats helping! I wasn't up for a photo this week, but i took one-ugghgh YUCK!! This will probably be my last!  This pregnancy thing has lost its cuteness! LOL


  1. Because you changed your blog title to "Rodneybaby" from "VeeRodneyBaby" it wasn't letting me see your posts but now I'm back on track and this is so exciting!


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