37 Weeks Pregnant!

Aaahhh, I am having a baby! I was packing my hospital bag today and doing the babies laundry & it hit me!!I didn't cry although,I wanted too! But it was a very overwhelming feeling.  Something about folding the little wash cloths and putting the babies 1st outfit into then bag just made everythign very final!!
Then I went shopping for some baby clothes cause I didn't have vey much & I found this adorable jumper that says "I love my mommmy",my eyes filled with water in the store.  I was thinking to myself  "Vic get it together, your in public".  Next week I do the final shop for baby items and then I am done, so I am very happy about that! This week my carpel tunnel syndrome got worse, it get so painful at night .  I hope it leaves immediately after pregnancy!  It was a pretty good week this week.  Its been very busy with the rally so I am so excited for next week to stay home and "Nest" LOL.  My daughter is getting increasingly excited, which is making me more excited by the minute!  Its going to be a wonderful time!!  I know one thing though I will not miss being pregnant!! LOL  It just not fun! In the picture I am sporting my new stroller & car seat!  Very excited to use those!! Also this week my Dad gave me my breast pump & a portable travel diaper warmer, they are getting quite advanced now in the things available for babies.  Even when I had my daughter 6 yrs ago there wasn't this huge a selection of things!


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