35 Weeks Pregnant

Week 35 of pregnancy has been interesting.  My week started very busy, I had to go & take care of my sick grandfather in Kitchener for a couple days & then rush back for church. His home barely had AC, so i had swelling in my hands and feet-which was my first time experiencing real swelling.  Also I have developed mild carpel tunnel syndrom in my hands, which is common in pregnancy,I even got it with Tiana, but it has just made sleeping all the more difficult.  I am very excited though that its September, now it means
I only have amonth left, I am on the home stretch!! Possibly the baby could come sooner.  I have a feeling it will, just with how my body has been.  But then again, you never know.This weekI had a couple last minute things to get for the nursery, i still need to finish packing my hospital bag.  Yeserday I was having some cramps in my tummy and  it hit me that
I really am having a baby soon, and iI really began to think about how much my life will change.  I so look forward to having another child to share my life with, Tiana has brought so much joy to my life & just seeing her have a sibling is going to be wonderful.  She is so happy, always so concerned about my belly, and how her little sister is doing! She has been so caring,I look forward to seeing them together!! This picture is of myself and Tiana when we went to visit my grandpa!! This was the day I began to swell! LOL


  1. Aww, look at you guys in your matching tights! And I am interested to see how your life will be with this new baby too!


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