36 Weeks Pregnant

This week pregnancy has been the last thing on my mind! My 6 yr old started Gr.1!! It was very emotional, just can't believe how quickly she has grown up on me! It seems like maybe a couple years ago she was born, not 6 years!  So my weekend proir to school starting I spend, reorganizing her room, getting out all her back to school stuff! And mentally preparing myself not to cry! But I did briefly, when i saw her old teacher  I am actually really glad the baby isn;t due until October because it gives me a month to get into the swing of things with her.  I also will be able to enjoy this special time with her aswell, before being exausted with dealing with a new born. I also made a huge list of all the things I need to do and buy before the baby comes.  Oh my gosh the list feels like its never ending, and i have done so much already.  I read in this article that you shouldn't expect to finish everythign before the baby comes! Well I certainly do!!  You just don't realize how much children need, especially when u had nothing to begin with.  I only have a few toys of tianas and clothes from about 3 years old and up.  But as for a new born I have diddly squat! As much as I want the baby to come early, I don't want her to come before I have everything in order.  I am very much an orderly person when it comes to these thigns and when I get caught of guard I get frazzled!!  Babies are already so unpredictable so its just nice to know if they get sick u already stocked up on tempra, or u have the next size of diapers ready to go! As far as baby his week, she has started to move horizontally it feels like-as if she is trying to stretch out, and yowza, it hurts!! Definitely got an active little on in there!! I gave the baby her first spanking today cause she was kicking me so hard! LOL, i didn't change anything but made me feel better! 


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