Trimester Stories

Date:June 26 2010
The Kicking Game
So my lovely baby and I had a wonderful moment this morning.  I would press in on my tummy with my hand & then the baby would kick back! I would proceed to press again and the baby would kick back!!  It was really adorable to me! And was a very special moment. Also today my friend got to feel my baby kick, she was excited & other than my daughter she is the only other person who has felt the baby move.  Usually when people put their hand on my tummy, nothing else happens!!  Even my husband said today how he didn't feel the baby move yet!
Aah well, it was a nice day as for movement!!  Every time I feel my baby move i am just so grateful to have a healthy baby!!

Date: June 22 2010

Well today I wasn't feeling the greatest, I guess I am still adjusting to the time zone and recovering from travelling! Anyhow I asked my daughter to rub my tummy for me and sing to the baby,
so she starts singing 'mary had a little lamb' with her cheek to my tummy. I was liIt'scwhat are you doing?' and she said she wanted to see what the baby was doing!! Well each time she put her cheek to my tummy the baby kicked! It was cute because Tiana got so excited, and said 'Mommy Mommy the baby kicked me', sure enough she puts her cheek back and the baby kicks her happened three times, and they were hard kicks too! It was a special moment for both of us, more for her-cause she felt like 'wow mommy there is a baby in there your not just getting fat!' And I was happy to share the moment with her as well. Its always hard to time people catching the baby kick, like they will kick up a storm and the second I say okay feel... it stops!!
My husband Gary has only felt it kick once, and it was a light kick! How amazing how a little baby can be in your womb!! What a miracle

Felt my baby & Ultra S0und 

Well I am a bit late, I had my ultra sound last week, on monday & wednesday!
I cried of course when i saw the baby! I just couldn't believe it was moving and okay!! I was so happy!! And on wednesday got to see the baby again with Tiana! It was very special, I was awwed!! The little guy/ gal just kept moving and twirling all cute!!
Then today I felt the baby flutter a couple times, which was neat-i kind of don't believe i felt the baby! But at the same time i don't normally get these little fluttery feelings in my stomach!
Well that's all I wanted to share

Morning sickness is light

This morning i got up too fast-ate a yogurt and gulped down cold water! Well what a no no! Minutes later I was throwing it up in the sink & then in the toilet!!(sorry if that ruined your breakfast! I felt a bit queezy-and i know i am pregnant cause all i want to eat is kraft dinner! It's funny cause about a month ago i felt kraft dinner had lost its touch to me, but now i am right back on the band wagon!! LOL I don't really feel for healthy food-i do like fruits but full meals are just not appealing right now!I am sure once I am in my 2nd timester i will be alright

It's almost been a week since i have known!

This week has been interesting, a very low energy mild nasea week. The thing for me though is that I am already prone to nasea so I have to take it easy as my body could make it worse at any moment. I find i am most queezy when i don't eat in the morning...and then i am fine for about a 1/2 hr. Then i start to feel queezy again and this is usually when i eat a small snack and i feel better, then i lie down and when i get up it usually triggers so more nausea and then finally after i eat in the evening time, i feel a bit funny but it is so mild i can kind of ignore it!I know when I had my first daughter it was much worse than this so i really shouldn't complain

Craving 101

Last night I got my first craving for a "big mac"-when i ate it i wasn't completly satisfied though b/c it was kinda cold but yummy all the same, i really wanted turky & Havarti on fresh bread-but then i realized i can't eat turkey unless its heated so i had "toad in a whole" instead. Which i really enjoyed but now the idea has made me feel kinda sick cause the sausage wasn't very crispy! I don't really believe in food cravings though, it's all in the mind-and an excuse to eat! LOL So i try not to indulge in them often, but my pregnancy just started-so whats one food adversion!!


New Born Diapers
Today i bought my first pack of Newbie diapers! It was such a surreal feeling, i am feeling very full today, i feel this diet has way more food than i would usually eat, but before i would just fil up on lots of cards & sugars! So its interesting eating healthy!


Well I just had to tell him, so when he came hom from biblestudy i had wrapped one of Tiana's first sleepers she wore home from the hospital & a little note saying conratz daddy & the positive pregnancy test in a little package. I said "i have something for you". And he said 'what' and i handed it to him. He was like "what's this" and i was like "read it". And then he said "ur pregnant" & i said "yes" & he had the biggest smile i have ever seen him have on. Then he looked like he had tears in his eyes and hugged me. He looked very happy and told me he was very excited! I felt glad that i told him!

Well today was church, it's interesting trying to hide something you are so excited about, even having to hide it from my daughter until i am ready to let everyone know. Yesterday i bought my first maternity dress, it's gonna be my "little black dress". I even put on the "baby bump" to see what it will look like with a tummy. So cute, i really hope i stay fit for this and in shape!! I look forward to tommorrow-cause i am gonna start my pregnancy diet & the excersise and that sort of stuff, i have felt pretty good, just tired-i went to bed at 8PM yesterday! I am trying to do my best not to complain about pregnancy sypmtons no matter how bad they are...Having a child is such a blessing & i want to enjoy every min of it. My body is tired though!


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