Finding Out I was Pregnant

Well this morning I found out I am pregnant!! D
I had a hunch I was, I dreamt about it last night, and have been feeling a bit over weight for the last couple weeks. This last week i noticed my tummy looked pregnant and i just felt funny. So not to my surprise but at the same time to my surprise I am pregnant!! So excited though, i have not told my husband yet-i plan to tell him in this evening.  I want to call him now and tell him, but yah i won't be doing that! I need to figure out a nice way to tell him! I cried when i found out-tears of joy though-this could not be a better time-tiana, will be in school full day by the time the baby is due.  The baby is Due Oct 10-i always wanted to have a baby due early in the year-but that's okay-as long as they are healthy!!
I have been praying for twins so i wonder if i am going to get twins?
Well today i feel fine, nothing out of the ordinary-I am really praying for a miracle pregnancy, no morning sickness, no acne, no water retention, stay slim & fit, feel great and energetic, no swelling & fast delivery! We weren't planning on getting pregnant now...but i am glad we are!!


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