24 Weeks Pregnant

Well I have finally approached my sixth month of pregnancy!! YAY!!
Sometimes pregnancy can feel so long, but so far so good!!
My baby is very healthy and always kicking up a storm! I always get
excited when I feel the little kicks nudges and nodds! There really is
no greater joy than having a baby!! My daughter is super excited to be
a big sister!! And daily rubs my tummy & talks to her new sibling!
Now I am at the point I can tell when the baby is awake & asleep!
Thankfully the wake hours are during the day! Lets hope this continues!
I am starting to feel a bit big now, my hands had swollen a bit today-I went on a 3 hr walk though so no wonder!!
I will be taking it easy tomorrow though!!
I didn't realize how far the ice cream store was!! LOL
WHat a pregnant lady will do for some good ice-cream!! :D
Well thats all for today


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