25 Weeks Pregnant!!

Well I have finally adjusted from travelling to Tucson for conference.  It was certainly nice to get home! And I must say it is not at all easy to travel pregnant.  Maybe I am all alone on this one but YIKES!!

This week I transfer from my regular Dr. to my OBGYN!  I  have the same OB as I did when I had my first child.  And I am pretty happy about that, he isn't the nicest, but he does a good job and from what I have heard from other moms that have had him, he's gotten better over the years.  
My weight gain so far has been pretty average, I notice most of my gain in my tummy.  I still fit in my regular jeans!! YAY!!
Some days I do feel a  bit puffy-but than it goes down.  My little one, is kicking up a storm. When it kicks I can't even concentrate on other things because I want to cherish every second of it!! 

I do already know what I am having, but my friends putting on the shower for me are going to have an old wives tale guessing game and than I will reveal the gender at the end! So is been interesting keeping the secret thus far.  I also didn't want to be bombarded with all blues or all pinks!!  I wanted more neutral things so that I can save them for my next child.  I do look forward to calling my baby by name and not just baby or it! (aaw it just kicked now as i said it!...doesn't like that i guess!:))


  1. you look so amazingly beautifully pregnant, I'm so excited for you guys.


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