One Month Flew By!

My little Preston Ray is one month old!
The time has just flown!  It's bitter sweet.
This past month with him has been a whirlwind of fun and busy!  I have sat down each week to write and update and then some how I don't, or I don't finish it!
So here's hoping I get through this one...
Lol guess whose guys waking up??

OK I am

So taking care of a new born is quite time consuming and that's putting it lightly. The moment a mom needs to, eat, sleep, pee, shower, blog (haha), your little one starts calling your name. Or in a newborns case.. Screaming hysterically!

Anyhow as time consuming and tiring as it is...I LOVE IT!  He's the sweetest baby ever.

A little update on things he's doing

-smiling more awake and in response to mommies kisses and cuddles(melts my heart)

- rolling from front to back(he started this at like 2 weeks old, strong boy)

-hold up head for a few seconds, pushes off floor or me and tries to maneuver on his own

- This is probably not really what he's doing but it's still sweet to me. He gives kisses. When I hold him he will bop his mouth back and forth against my cheek...and he isn't hungry. Lol

As for me and my postpartum self, I am doing well.  Pretty much back to my normal weight and self. Though I do feel a bit frumpy.  Goes with the new mom thing...but people say I look wonderful.
Something about boobs leaking, sweating spontaneously, bleeding and being unsure I put deodorant on that morning can make one feel frumpy, even under a nice outfit and fresh makeup lol.

I look forward to month two with him. I can't wait to see what/who he will look like.  Most say he's a splitting image of Daddy!  No fair..Hahaha. To me he looks very 'newbornish ' still. His cheeks are the cutest chubbiest things in the world. He is now 9lbs 7oz.
He sleeps very well at night. Cranky early evenings or anytime he is gassy. Which for a week was a lot.

Siblings seem to be adjusting well to their brother. Though my oldest has been away for most of his life thus far.  My youngest girl is in big sister heaven. She wants to cuddle him, play with him and take care of him. Its very sweet.  The moment I change his diaper she takes the dirty one and throws it in the garbage without me asking. She's quite the help!

Looking forward to month two of our little Preston Rays life!!


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