Dedicating Preston Ray

Yesterday was an exciting and meaningful day for myself and my family. We dedicated our newest addition in our family to the Lord.

We were even fortunate enough to have our very own pastor come and personally dedicate our little man.  Baby dedications, christenings and the like are often religious practices done when babies are just infants.

To most it's just that, a religious practice, or hope for good luck!  To me, it was confirming everything I had already spent 9months praying about.  I know God has amazing plans for this little boy and I can't wait to see what they entail!

Yesterday was special for so many reasons and a wonderful day to dedicate our son.

For one it was our churches 6year anniversary.  Can't believe we have been doing this, that long and the fruit it has produced.  And for two, it was Preston's original due date!

As I dressed him for church I was a bit teary eyed.  How I have longed for a son and God answered my prayer. It blows my mind the joy a child can bring.  Watching my daughters swoon over their brother melts my heart.  Preston is the missing piece to our family and has now made us complete!

My little guy is also two weeks old!  And doing wonderfully!  Each day is a treasure and a gift I never want to forget!!


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