A week ago today!

This morning Miya, Preston & I got loaded up to go on a walk to the mall.  Our very first walk together. 

As we set off it got me thinking to this exact same time last week. It was just Miya, baby bump and I off to 7/11 to get slurpees.  Now it was the three of us off to get lunch together.

I am still in a bit of shock that Preston is here with us already?? I remember the week before getting some cramping and making jokes to Gary about being in labor.

That week, I had everyone casting bets on when I would go into labor. I think I was the only person who didn't really think 'this was the week'.

Never mind this was the day!  Lol
One thing I do remember is Miya praying that night for Preston to come. She also would pray for him to have good dreams in my tummy. I think even Miya is surprised he is here so soon...she still often goes to kiss my tummy...

This morning she said 'mommy where did your tummy go? It's disappearing?'

Lol. Well thank God for that. I actually braved myself and stepped on the scale today!  To my pleasant surprise,I have lost  16 lbs in 1 WEEK. Talk about supreme weight loss!  That leaves me with 10-15 lbs to go.  I am in no hurry to lose weight. I know it will come off in no time.  Just amazed how awesome the body works.

This week truly has been a treasure. Preston is So Good. Just what I hoped and prayed for.

I just want to enjoy every moment of our time with him. He's a delight to our family, friends and church. 


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