34 Weeks Pregnant

This week was quite relaxing, I just took it easy, as last week I had so much hustle and bustling around to do!
I  figure this really is my last week of relaxation cause next week i have to prepare for back to school, and make sure the nursery is done! My goal was the end of august!  It seems I will be able to make that goal!  My Dr. Apt this week went well! My little one has gone into head down position, which is good!  My tummy dropped so thats been nice, i feel like i can breath again,  but i have to pee every five seconds! The baby moves so vigorously sometimes i feel like she is wrestling to come out!  It actually hurts when she kicks now! LOL The other night i was practically yelling at my stomach for the baby to stop! My daughter tiana was like can she hear you, and i was like well she better! LOL Well other than that i don't have much else to say!! Other than 6 more weeks to go!! :D Also this week almost all my baby stuff came in, so i got to set up the nursery! YAY! I had a good time doing it, everything from this point on is easy assembly-well actually we still need to assemble the change table! So here is hoping that is easy!! I still need to add a few touches, like a shelf to the right of the window, and those brown baskets on the floor are going to go on the shelves of the change table.  But at least now if my baby comes we would be able to make do!  ALso my lovely Stroller & Car seat came in! SO i have had quite a busy day trying to set that up aswell!!


  1. Vic!
    Where did you put your nursery? Did you build another room for her?

  2. its in my room actually, my room is kinda l shaped so the section by the window i cleared out for the baby & my bed and stuff is on the other side!

  3. I'm SO late, but this is so awesome!


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