33 Weeks Pregnant

Things are winding down now, and as much as its gone by quickly, its starting to feel very very slow!!This week I had a lot of discomfort! Tons of Braxton Hicks conrtactions, back ache, leg cramps, allergies
and even some wierd heat rash bump thing!  Oh and I forgot Insomnia!  So for those who are tuning in at this point, this weeks entry will definitely keep you from wanting to get pregnant.  I really am starting to miss feeling light! LOL
Also not being able to sleep on my stomach is so upseting!!  I know, I know, this entry sounds so boo hoo!But its just a practical part of pregnancy! This week & my week travelling in Tucson have been the hardest two weeks since i have been pregnant. Thats not bat though 2/33! LOL My little one, has gotten quite big, she squrism and turns A LOT! And the kicking isn't quite as comfortable!On a brighter note, next week I am looking forard to all my nursery furnitue coming in!  It should be interesting trying to set up the crib& glider! Oh and on the bright side of things MY BELLY DROPPED!!  I just noticed this evening, it has taken some weight of my chest area, but that would explain the back ache for the week!


  1. You're nearing the end, I always found the last month was not that great:( By the way- I never got a chance to talk to you last night but I wanted to tell you I think you looked absolutely beautiful!!!!
    Hope you can get some rest today :)

  2. Thank you so much!! :D You looked so pretty at the wedding! Your hair looked lovely!


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