Another 40 weeks

Well bless my soul... I am pregnant again! Wooopeee!  Something about a child growing inside my stomach just melts my heart every time.  It priceless, precious and special.

After a few months of trying, we were blessed with this pregnancy.  The week I got pregnant, I knew...but then  again I have had those "false" preggo symptoms that turn out to be that time of the month I didn't want to get myself too excited.

When I took my cheap dollar store test, one line appeared right away...but not the other.  So I threw the test in the garbage and went to go about my business.  About 10 minutes later it occurred to me that maybe I should have waited at least a couple minutes for another line to appear.  I go galloping up the stairs to dig through the trash to see if the results had changed!!  And oh had they ever...two lines now..aka preggo!  But the test says disregard results after 10 minutes... so I frown.

Cheesy to follow!
But there is still hope in the air as I have one more test that I figured I would just take the next day...
Early the next morning I take the test again and # 3 here we go!!
I take a cheesy picture and sort of gloat to myself.  DO the preggo dance and try to compose myself for the rest of the day.

Now usually when a wife tells her hubby she is expecting she has some sort of game plan, a card, a picture, a bun in the oven...literally.  Apparently I lost my tact and just blurted it out the first moment I could to the hubby.  Was it romantic? I can't even try and pull out my wife swag and make it sound better than it was...and nor do I want to. Not that type of gal.  The moment ended abruptly and I went to bed.

6 week old bambino!
About a week later I had some cramping...and went to check it out in the hospital.  I had my first ultrasound that day and it was officially confirmed, I was pregnant and baby was in the uterus.  Much to tiny for me to see...but thanks to modern medicine, an early sonogram did the trick.

9/10 Weeks preggo
Two weeks after that Christmas was approaching and though I was quite tired, I toughed it out and put up the tree.  Decorating for christmas is a whole house endeavour and one my kiddos hardly helped me with!! Just danced around in christmas bliss! By the end of the night I was experiencing some bleeding.  Just great I thought!  Off to the hospital again...another ultrasound later and the baby was fine but now I have been put on bed rest till the bleeding stops.

Talk about a nightmare..but within a week it subsided and within two weeks I was back to work.
12 weeks baby size of  lime
My first trimester of pregnancy was scary but bi weekly ultrasounds managed to keep some of my fears at bay.   As for preggo symptoms I was very tired.  Had slight nausea and cravings galore.  Burgers, meat, hot peppers, more meat, salt and grapefruits all called my name.  

13/14 week lemon size
At week 9, I began to feel little fluttery thumps on my left side of my stomach.  Could that be kicking so early???   Week 11 came and my energy was right back to normal.  I didn't even feel preggo.
My bump began to grow and the reality of pregnancy and having a new child became all the more real.

My little apples coming along at  15 weeks
At 12 weeks the family and I headed to the doctor for an ultrasound.  The kids saw their future brother or sister for the first time.  Our little bambino hardly participated during the ultrasound because they were moving so much. It was neat to watch the little black and white figure dance around effortlessly in my stomach.

Now at about 16 weeks preggo I am anticipating a Gender Reveal party.  I registered for some baby bedding and have decided on a Nautical themed nursery.  Pregnancy has flown by so quickly and to think in 4 weeks I will be half way done!  Already???

16 weeks the baby is the size of an avacado....
but didn't take that pic yet
My family and friends have been so supportive it nearly brings me to tears.  They treat me as if it

is my first pregnancy and first chid.  I feel so pampered and blessed to be surrounded by the people that I am!

Well that was a quick update of the first 16 weeks...week to week updates to come!!

Gender Reveal Feb 28th


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