16 Weeks Preggo introducing...Little Rae Ray

Week 16 -Baby is the size of an avocado
Well here I am roughly 4 months pregnant! I can hardly believe it!  Tonight as I  roam the web...I felt a random thud in my stomach.  The thud was so hard it actually startled me and caused me to yelp out in shock!  Little Rae Ray was kicking and letting me know they were there!

At 16 weeks pregnant I hardly "feel" pregnant.  I often forget throughout the day and wonder why I am so gosh darn hungry if I miss a meal?  With that said I welcome Little Ray Rae's kicks with open arms...as those will be a good reminder of the miracle happening inside me!

This week baby names and when to share are on my mind! I would love your thoughts on when "the best time" to share is!?

Gender reveal party?

Baby shower?

Babies birth?

Never? LOL

I am noticing an increasing trend in mothers sharing baby names earlier on...and after all, this is my third child. When I share, whether early or late is not the issue  to me...it is just choosing WHEN?  Any thoughts?

I will share the babies middle name with you though...

It's Rae if I am having a girl and Ray if I am having a boy!
I usually refer to my baby as Little Rae Ray...but given I hadn't explained that yet I figured I would save the nick name till I did!

Why Ray/Rae?...My hubbies middle name is Ray and I thought it would be nice for this child to share that with him! :)  Plus it goes perfect with the names we've   picked out!!

This week Little Rae Ray measures the size of an avocado and weighs 3.5 oz

Check out cookinwithladyvee.blogspot.ca for a yummy Guacamole recipe!


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