h o m e s c h o o l

Y E A R S  A G O  I homeschooled my oldest daughter.  I absolutely loved it for many reasons.  Being able to choose and know exactly what your child is learning is very comforting as a parent.  Being the first one to teach your child new concepts and having that sort of influence is like non other.  Homeschooling  has its pro's and con's, however I still stand by my resolve that I  LO V E  I T
For the summer, the kids and I have begun a little "homeschooling" program to ensure that their learning continues and gives me a much needed homeschooling FIX.
Here are a few of my tips & tricks to start a mini homeschool summer session:
T H E  K I T. While it doesn't need to be expensive, you do need a few supplies to get yourself started.  For my middle child I got her a book that has an overview of all the subjects for the grade she is going in to.  You can find these at: Walmart, Amazon or surprisingly the dollar store.  Kumon books on amazon are by far my fav and ones we even use throughout the school year.
Other things included in our kit:flash cards, boogie board, markers, crayons, brain quest, timer ect.
1 H O U R. While a full morning or afternoon of homeschool sounds impressive, it is not practical or fun in the summer.  I have found one hour is long enough for them to learn something and short enough no one gets killed in the process.  Depending on the childs age, they may need less time.  I know my 3 year old taps out after about 30 minutes.  I work with each child and once I see their interests waning, we usually conclude the day.
M O M M Y  T E A C H E R.  Ever notice your children give you a hard time but when someone else is teaching them they listen.  When my kids begin " class" mommy becomes "teacher".  My voice changes, my demeanour and my children are required to call me "Teacher" or "Mrs".  Something crazy happens when I do this...they actually take me seriously!  They also find it fun! So don't just be "mommy" during homeschool.  Become the T E A C H E R
Hope these little tips help you as you teach your children throughout summer. 


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