G O O D B Y E. N U R S I N G.

C A L L  M E  O V E R dramatic, but *today is the last time I am nursing my Presto.
While it's has been well over due,  I am quite sad about it.
It's hard to let go as a mom.  We want to savor our childrens 'little'ness F O R E V E R! 
I remember the first time he was put to my chest three years ago. Looking down at his little face with such anticipation.  Wondering what sort of personality he will have. What he will look like? What his voice will sound like?

I wish I had studied them more than I already had. The giggles while he nursed and milk spewed out the sides of his mouth. The G Y M N A S T I C S when he discovered he could move and nurse at the same time.
The accidental bites. The twiddling.
When he first learned to call it booboo
And of course when Daddy preached about it on your last day of nursing.  Announcing Preston loves boo boo like we should crave the pure milk of the word of God.

I remember nursing my O L D E S T and thinking 'I will miss this one day',  I will never forget my middle child calling it 'sour boo boo'  when she was ready to wean.

*Tonight I feel like an empty nester. While my nest is still filled with little chicks, that stage is over. Thankfully I have much more to look forward to.
*Today was also very special because at alter call Preston wanted to go up to pray.  Seeing him get saved and serve God is among the many that I have to look forward to! 

*Wrote this June 9th, Preston is successfully weaned and has begun potty training. He has taken to that very quickly!  He also turned three last month! Sheesh time flies*

That being said here are a few tips for weaning a nursing baby!

W A I T. Wean because the baby is ready and so are you. Unless there are lifestyle reasons for weaning just because your child is a certain age you don't H A V E to wean.

T I M I N G. I tried weaning Preston twice. Each time I went away for a number of days.  I that that separation made the weaning easier for myself and my son.

P R E P. If your child is at an age where they understand you make sure to prep them. I told my son for a month that boo boo time would be coming to an end! I also think it helped me setting a time and not just spur of the moment stopping!


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