No B- Words Please!

F R I D A Y  W A S  M Y my daughter's last day of school.
I picked her up, the sun was bright, her report card was great...we were in heaven.

Come teusday we will all be saying the B word...aka B O R I N G.  Summer can be such a battle for a stay at home mother!  Because my kids are I O N's apart in age, what's entertaining for one is B O R I N G for the other!

How will I survive the next 70 some odd days
B - Word Free?

Here's the P L A N

S C H E D U L E. We have to have some sort of schedule for my sanity. Our schedule will have 'morning lessons'( I am a believer children shouldn't stop learning over summer vacay)  'afternoon adventures' and my personal favorite 'independent quiet time'. Lol

F U N  B O X. I  am not the mom that buys her children tons of toys. But in the summer the word 'boredom' gets sung a little more often than usual. So when the B word gets dropped...I send my kids to their get the fun box.
Currently my fun box consists of 2 boogie board delux kits, puzzles, Play-Doh(how I despise you), coloring books and crayons, flash cards, ect.

P A R K  B A G. Once upon a time, just taking  your kids to the park to entertain them would suffice. But when they go every day for 60+ days...well it gets rather b@#$_&!  So I put together a park bag filled with water guns, water balloons, scavenger hunt items, treats, sport stuff and ect.( All things found at the local dollars store) Clearly I am in B-word Prevention mode! Lol

F I E L D  T R I P S. On the first day of summer the kids and I write a list of all the places we want to go for the summer. Some of which aren't feasible. But I take that list and try to schedule one of those activities each week over summer. This way your child has something to look forward to on a weekly basis, and you don't have the pressure on the day to day to be shipping them here there and everywhere!

Some of our special field trips for this summer are:

The Beach
The special Water Park
High Park Picnic
Wonderland (unfortunately lol)

I am really looking forward to spending time with my children this summer and being 'P R E S E N T' with them.  As mom's we are often tired & overwhelmed. The pressures of motherhood truly are taxing,  let's not let that stop us from enjoying motherhood and our children.

They won't be little for very long!


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