Investing in Your Children

Recently I was spending time with a long time friend of mine. We were discussing some work options and business ideas for her to start.
Since I recently have tried dabbing my hand in the 'mommy boss' world, I was offering my thoughts and advice.

One thing that really stood out to me in the conversation was that she said 'being a full-time mom has given her the opportunity to really invest in her children'.

Her kids are getting older now, but one thing that is evident is the fruit of her labor. She has amazing children. Then I thought about my pastors wife and her two daughters. She too was a stay at home mom that really gave her 'all ' to motherhood'. Her daughter's are all grown up now, married with children, serving God and with her aswell you can see the fruit if her labor.

These two women have greatly impacted me over the years but more so recently as I observe how they 'mother'. They are mom's first and everything else second.

I understand we live in a world that unfortunately not every mother can afford to be a stay at home mom.  I believe there is extra grace and a special place in heaven for those mom's who have to do both.  And this post is in no way to make anyone feel bad if they have to work. That actually makes you an amazing mother and I commend women with that do all they can for their kiddos.
My husband recently preached a sermon said 'if all you do is be a good mother and wife you have done more than enough'.  That statement really touched my heart.
How often I can feel pressured to be everywhere, do everything.  Often the role of motherhood is not a glorified one. Sometimes that's hard and there is a temptation to 'make a name for yourself'.  To prove to the world you are a 'good momma.
But in the end,what we want to show loud and  clear is the fruit of our labors. Children that were invested in. Cared for. Loved.  Secure.  Not used to boost their own egos. Children that love God with all their hearts!
My prayer this year is to be a better mother.  To be present with my children versus always try to 'capture' moments.  To serve my kids from a secret place. Maybe no one will ever know the stress that is 5 loads of laundry and the hustle to get them out the door every Sunday morning!
But let them serve Jesus with all their hearts...that's the GOAL!


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