He's four...months: D

This is getting a bit repetitive. But I just can't get over how quickly time is going??!!

My sweet Ray Ray is 4 months!!
This past month he has started attempting to roll. He gets about half way and then gets stuck.

He is very eager to eat.  He makes the most hilarious eagar noises when he's about to get milk. I am still nursing him.

He's also very cheerful. Tons of smiles and laughs..he likes to nurse and then pull of and smile at me.  It's adorable!

He has been babbling up a storm this week.  So far it seems his personality will be cheerful and laid back. He likes to just sit in his bouncer or lay with me and play little games.

This week he's been super gassy. Sometimes when he laughs or coughs he will pass gas at the same time. It makes me laugh.

Preston flew on his first airplane this past month. He did amazing. He didn't cry at all.  His sleep has been pretty consistent. Last night was the first night in months he was up every 2 hours.  Let's hope that was just a fluke.

He continues to self soothe and puts himself to sleep. This week he began biting his tongue. So it seems he's getting ready for some solid food.

I let him try a little banana the other day.  He spit it out. Lol. I look forward to making him his food. I can't believe he's already at that point.

It's been a wonderful 4 months. Its sad that his new born stage is over. Though I am thankful for the sleep. Not to mention the older he gets the cuter he is and more interactive. So it's fun spending time with him now. 

Miya has been bugging me to have another baby lately. She's really adjusted well to having a younger brother.  It will be nice when he's big enough for her to play with. 

Well that's all for month four!


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