Three Months Really?

My sweet little man is 3 months old!
Goooo Preston!!

This last month of his life has been filled with so many changes and ups and downs of life. But by the Grace of God my little guys been awesome through it.

Some sweet things he's doing now is giggling up a storm, smiling, cooing and he clearly recognises certain people.

I love when he stares at me during nursing and his eyes light up when he sees me.  Aaaahh it makes my day every single time.

He occasionally rolls from his tummy to his back and creeps around his crib. I really think he will be an early crawler.

He is a terrific sleeper and goes to sleep on his own.  No rocking or nursing necessary.  We now are working on cutting his night time feed from twice to once a night.

He goes down around 7-8pm. And wakes up at 7-8 am.  His naps are more predictable, taking 4, 45min-1 hr naps a day.  Overall he's calm, just like I prayed for and happy as long as he's been fed :D

So happy God gave me a son! I am enjoying ever last minute of mommahood. One day, these precious children will grow and leave me and I would hate too look back and wish I had enjoyed it more.

On another note my baby girl and I have began special Dr.Seuss time together each day. Oh the magic of a Dr Seuss book!

Happy Motherhood!


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