This is just too much!  My sweet little babyroo is two months already!

Needless to say blogging with a new born is nearly impossible. Every time I remember to blog and sit down and do it, he cries. Lool

But this has been such a wonderful time. Preston is the sweetest son a mommy could ever ask for.  I am always asked so what's it like having a son?

And at first it felt no different then having daughters...that is until you change the diaper. He looks so much like his sister Miya that I often mistake the two.

But lately I am noticing the difference. And beginning to experience that 'mother son bond'.'s so special.
I absolutely love my daughters to pieces but when I see them with their daddy, you can see its something special. Being a daddies girl myself,I know the father daughter bond is special.

So it's so nice to have the mother/son bond. I noticed the bond one day giving him a bath. And his godmother came over that day as I was bathing him and she's like 'he's just gazing at you' . I hadn't really realized and as I looked back at him it just hit. When I hold him and he puts his precious hands on my chest or face it just warms my heart.

I think of him as he gets older and all the fun we will have.  I picture him a young man sometimes sitting next to me in church... And just all the sweet moments we have ahead of us.

OK enough of that. As for how month two went. He's a champ. I have a perfect little baby. He sleeps like amazing. He only gets fussy one hour before bed. He will let other people hold him without fussing.
He even goes to sleep on his own most of the time. I try and put him down drowsy but awake and he recently has started going down during the day without much of a cry or any at all.

Since his night sleep is well established...he sleeps a nice 6hr stretch and then two sets of three or four hour stretches, I am trying to focus on his day time nap schedule. That's pretty all over the place. So far the morning nap has been established from 9-10:30 ish.
He wakes at 7:30-8 am each morning and goes to bed between 8pm-9. The earlier the better. He actually sleeps longer if he goes down earlier. He's a big smiler. Especially in the morning. He's attempting to roll and loves bath time.  He relaxes so much he often poops in the tub and his a mad rush to get him out of the water. Lool

As for me and my post partum self I am pretty much back to normal. 5 lbs away from normal weight and feeling really good. My emotions are pretty normal as I was a bit on the emotional side at first. 
Life with three is an adjustment but we are making it work.

I will write more about this on my day in a life of a pastors wife blog.

Well that's all for now!


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