39 Weeks Pregnant

Well my week started with a Drs apt.  I was very disappointed that my dr wasn't in again, I haven't seen him for the last 2 apt now-so hopefully the upcoming one monday will be with him.  My husband was away-or is away LOL, this week.  So while he is away I am making the most of my alone time!! Also my daughter will be going away for the weekend!  So I am going to have 2 nights to myself! The last 2 nights I will probably have ot myself in years!!LOL I plan to enjoy them thoroughly! Next week is my no baby week! LOL Meaning I am not aloud to talk about the baby, think about delivery, or read and baby materials!!  I am going to spend the week as though i am not 40 weeks pregnant.  Mostly b/c I know form here onout-its going to be all baby talk & time for me, and when the "hype" wears off, I will wish I had enjoyed my last couple weeks ofr pregnancy focusing my attention on something different!  So other than a dr apt at the beginning of the week, i will refuse to give my attention to the last week of pregnancy, so next week no one call me asking about it! LOL When I am in labor you will know! Side note-what a difference of my stomach in this dress at 39 weeks and this dress at 24 weeks.  I really wonder what size this baby will be!!  Hopefully not too big!!  LOL  Well thats it for this week! 


  1. No baby talk I know, lol & I know you feel gross right now, but I so hope I look this good if I ever get pregnant! If I dnt talk to you before you have the baby, I hope everything goes well-give the baby girl a hug for me!!

    <3 Ess

    P.Ess; after you have it, you gotta tell me what you named it! LOL


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